One comment on “Audio Archive – Solutions4theInnocent Study Group – Land Patent Memorandum

  1. Reblogged this on Colleendevine’s Blog and commented:
    So appeciative to YOU and Tami, Kurt and all! I’ve already ordered a house of Devine seal

    and can’t wait to file (when I know enough) my executive letter.

    You Colin speaking SO WELL and COOL about the mortgages and Titles I feel I wanted to

    add what I know. I have 2 HOMES with 1 foreclosed and re-sold and 1 we live in about to be

    foreclosed on. 3 and 1/2 YEARS dealing with it all. One of the things I did was demand all the files

    from the title co. Did you ever wonder how the real estate agents, insurance co, recorder, the pay off to the sellers, their lien,

    escrow agent, notary, etc, got paid? They sent me copes of 15 checks from a bank account WE never opened and

    the wired transfer stating where all the money went before we went to closing.

    I could send you copies of them. Our title agent was also our escrow officer, double witness-er, AND NOTARY.

    There are people in our beloved home now sense last July. Before the ch.7 BK-UGH. It’s their week-end home too, so they have another. We have corrected our deed and want to find out how to get it back lawfully. We owned it over 4 years and they got it fully furnished inside and out as we were given 3 days to leave.

    I know we made mistakes and we’re correcting them as we speak. We have sense dec. 2011 acknowledged both deeds correctly. I’ve spoken to Robb Ryder a couple of times (he too is wonderful) as we have a group here in Houston we are involved with as well in ALL of this.

    Listening to you I LOVE your come-from, obvious caring, and want for the BEST FOR US. I HERE THAT

    AND WANT TO CONTRIBUTE AS WELL I’m a “jack of all trades” and master of none when it comes to

    this subject and all that it in- tales. I hope to help and maybe learn to skype.

    I can be pretty illiterate with this PC. Please let me know when you’ll be on next to be on too.

    Thank you SO!,


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