One comment on “Colin’s Docs

  1. I think I will try that in Court. Sounds like FUN……… Instead of arresting the prosecutor, though, I think I will just call out his fraud in front of 150 sheeple and ask the judge to direct the bailiff to arrest the fraudster. I usually put in the Challenge to Jurisdiction, all the fraudulent reasons that there is no jurisdiction,, and that usually gets the dismissal. BUT. I think that these other things you talk about are even MORE bullets in the gun. Once I ask for in my Demand for Production of Documents, a certified copy of the oath of Office, Bond#, Indemnity Policy, copy of the Prosecutor’s BAR card (front and back), a copy of their corporate charter,appointment and acommodation agreements,trainiing records for the officer, to determine his fitness as an officer, a true and accurate accounting of the citations written in the past six months by the officewr, with the percentage of cases adjudicated in favor of the State,……A certified copy of all the bid, performance, payment bonds generated at the institution of the case at hand,( with CUSIP numbers) they know I know…………… and they DO NOT want the masses near me to start wondering. I know that Gordon’s ways are solid, but I have not been able to study enough yet. I just approach the matter as a fighter in the ring. Hit them so many times that they realize that the cost is too heavy, and that the fight should end.
    Then, in my demand for dismissal .(the king does not ask)……… I point out the conflict of interest. I show them their DUNS# (digital unified numbering system) form DnB, the Sec. of State record of them being a corporation,(sometimes not im good standing, (which means they are NULL and VOID) the BBB repoort, if available, their NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) status as an INDUSTRY……… status as a PRIVATE COMPANY, There is a bunch more to throw at them, but that is usually enough for a quiet dismissal.
    So, I hope that all of our combined efforts can throw such a monkey wrench into the machine that they will just put a “Do Not Detain” flag in their computers
    Love and Peace to you and yours……..

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