Go In Peace

Go in Peace

By: Colin-Derek

May 1, 2012

Go in peace. In peace, go. As you shall allow to be done unto. As unto you shall allow be done.

Go in peace. In peace, go. Fear for your life when another imposes. Fear for your soul when you impose.

Hath thou a soul? Those existences beyond this rhelm? That continues in conscience even without body?

I can testify as to the reality of its existence as I come from such a place and learning to be thankful for the incredible Garden of Eden within and without yet in this rhelm of existence. Somehow the concept that this is the gift that we yearn for as essence of life is hope, kindness and a thing called Love. Therefore, we are here as a great gift to enjoy. It is the imposition of ones will upon another that causes injury, all the rest is disguise for it.

The essence of Court is to place in the public that which is imposing without remorse and for the sake of the innocent and “as justice requires” take an action to prevent further impositions. It is clear by the continuous threaded theme throughout, in manners not obvious at first sight, but upon proper presentment and being read aloud becomes clear as to intent; for justice sake and in equity of the imposition, trespass.

Yet today the CORPORATE COURTS are the puppets of the imposers and imposes itself upon the very people it was created to protect, the innocent, stupid, dumb, naive and even the lazy. For we are all one of the same conscience and are wonderful taste buds here to taste all that this rhelm feels, tastes, smells, sounds and the emotional experiences we collect.

Is it possible that those are what we shall savor for an eternity? Is this the moment of time that we will have to share with our creator and ourselves for a very long time? Is it the memory of which every detail we will be able to analyze over and over again? Is it the continuing energy we leave behind that will allow us to return? How many times will we be honored to return? It is impossible to conclude that imposing on others in mean and malicious ways that hurts others feelings of trust is beneficial to any in regard to essence that brings us here? When we regard things more than people we dis-re-guard our-selves.

Once a person asked me, “Why do you need to have reassurance and appreciation?”, normally I would have hung my head and corrected my child within, that somehow it was shameful, but since being with a loved one the words came out, “Why would you want to not give your loved one that which he desires?” It hit me, that is it! Why on earth would we want to not give to each other what they desire, as long as it is no imposition? This is what freedom is all about. Not only allowing each other to do what we want but also encouraging, comforting, even helping them by our energy and receiving energy in return!

If we stop putting a price-tag on our energy and resources then we can break free from a system that evaluates and creates monetary system to keep track and thus can control and manipulate. It is not about owning, but using without being disturbed. Why not allow each to live the life they are lead so that you don’t have to.

Every personality existed to express and experience its own flavor of life and the Creator clearly loves diversity of flavor. So now knowing we are connected to Creator it is an important thing to experience a different life and we have the great honor to alter this reality at the same time making it even more diverse so the next generation of souls can have a wonderful experience too.

By teaching this, generation to generation, we may find that Heaven still exists when we finally are able to return for another dip in the pool if who’s.

Your thoughts?

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